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Sinnik Al was born and raised on the coastal town of Patra, Greece. Being constantly around art -he is the nephew of celebrated painter, Giannis Psyxopedis- he began studying the piano at a very early age, culminating in his obtaining his classical piano degree from the Philharmonic Conservatory of Patra with a dazzling, unanimous score of 10/10, whilst barely out of his teens.

Quickly won over by the seductive menace of the electric guitar, he moved to Athens in order to study with world-class electric and flamenco virtuoso, Ioannis Anastasakis, focusing on rock, metal and fusion playing. Having developed an interest in jazz phrasing and experimentation, he took additional lessons with the prestigious guitarist and composer Chris Anestopoulos, honing his mainstream jazz, bebop as well as modern jazz skills.

During his stay in Athens, he made good on some excellent musical opportunities, attending private lessons and master classes by Brett Garsed, Pat Martino and John Ambercombie all the while furthering his jazz/fusion studies, never resting on his laurels.

The prodigious Sinnik obtained his degrees in Classical Harmony and Classical Counterpoint at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory of Athens, also finishing grade 8 for the RGT of London's College of Music, obtaining his first diploma with the

In spite of his considerable working and professional credits, Sinnik continues to push forward in his quest to further his knowledge and understanding of music, studying fugue theory under the composer Christos Psychogios and attending a Musical Analysis master class with renowned composer Iosif Papadatos, all the while building a steady reputation as one of his generations' leading, most dependent and professional guitar players to date.



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