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Introduction, everyone! (:

by MiuMiuChuu, posted 02 Aug 2010 01:33 PM

Introduction, everyone! (: Amanda says hi to everyone out there with her range broad genre of music. Mainly experimenting on Synth Pop and Electronica, Amanda never closes her interest to make different kinds of music. Basically she has no actual genre.

"So experimental is the only genre I can give" so she states.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Amanda went to study to Singapore at Lasalle College of the Arts, taking Arts Management as her major and currently on her diploma year. She's mainly involved in the school practical attachments, taking care of both national and international arts event. Aside focusing on her studies, music, literature, and drawing is what she enjoys best.

Amanda herself began vocal training at 6 and studied piano at the age of 13, but mainly focusing in composition and arrangement. At first she experimenting voice arrangement by karaoke then moves to firm song composition and arrangement after she owned Mac's program Garage Band.

She has weird fascination towards bossanova and her iTunes library consisting more than 5000 songs that she collects as her research. Amanda is so open to any kinds of music, "I listen and I learn. There are elements can be taken."

Her inspiring musicians are mostly video game musicians like Yasunori Mitsuda, Akiko Shikata, Takayuki Ishikawa, and Yoshitaka Hirota. "They have their own way of making music and video game companies just happen to love the way of the music. So that doesn't make them video game musician but purey musician instead."

But that aside, Amanda always "seasonly changes her musical influence" and also a fan of any musician she hears on the season. Currently she's hearing Depeche Mode and a Finnish electronic band Regina.

"The one that probably won't change in every season is Imogen Heap. Auntie Immi is such an inspiring work of art herself. I also have this embarrassing closet fact that I'm actually a fangirl of Aqua. I've been hearing their music since very little and I can just go squee over them despite their cheesy double entendre lyrics and that rushy bubblegum dance rhythm."

Another fun fact that she is actually involved more on the visual arts section than performing so her music talent is pretty much a hidden talent.

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