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Touched With Fire

by Comeg, posted 01 Oct 2010 07:24 PM   » Cd Release

Touched With Fire "Touched With Fire" is the latest album from critically acclaimed british band COMEG.

It has been four years since the band's last release "One Day" due to vocalist Coemgen Savage's diagnosis of and battle with Bi Polar,(formerly known as "manic depression") a serious mood disorder which has afflicted many people in the public eye, including such celebrities as Kurt Cobain, Axel Rose and of course Stephen Fry. Difficulties controlling his mood swings and adjusting to medication prevented him from being able to function, let alone write.

Now thankfully relatively stable, and once again able to access his creativity, Coemgen has put together what he considers to be his "Best work ever" in the form of a polished 9 track album which Coemgen says was inspired by his struggle to live with his condition. The striking album cover will be very familiar to anyone who has knowledge or experience of mental illness and the album's title is also a name of a well known book written about the subject.

Listen or download the album from the band's website

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